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New addition!

I'd been noticing a lot of sarcastic parenthetical comments in my journal entries lately. Over here, that's a top sign that there's someone else active. But she didn't match any of the current crew. Turns out I have a new arrival, putting our total population up to 5!

Her name is Joan (surprisingly enough, that's body-name, but it makes sense, because that's what she answers to at work) and she is here because no one else was quite suited to the new duties at our workplace. She is quite suited to the job, and sarcastic and abrasive enough to be able to put up with the set of clowns I have to work with.

I'd thought that we were pretty much stable and not going to change from here on out, but I suppose any change in environment is probably going to spawn a new personality to deal with it if none of the rest of us are suited.
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