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Added to our bio:

We decided that we should get a quote about our new system name and what it means not just for when/if we make any more sites, but for personal use. Enjoy! :) (This will be posted in plural communities as well as our journal.)

The Definition of Vinik: "The Maya, another Mesoamerican people, have a word vinik, that, while originally translated as 'individual' by early Spanish observers, turned out on closer inspection to have a different and more subtle set of references. In 1699 a Spanish priest and linguist, Father Francisco Varea, pointed out that the word vinik 'does not mean person...there is no word in this language to say "my person" or "your person"...(it means rather) people of my nation...'"
-John Monaghan and Peter Just, "Social & Cultural Anthropology, A Very Short Introduction", Oxford University Press, 2000
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