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Real professionals (also posted in multiplicity)

We just met the Children's Aid workers assigned to us (apparently they work in pairs, lol) and it went very well. There was a teary moment when we referred to the psychiatric social worker who's been so inappropriate with our case, but in response the CAS people were very kind and said that they would help us in future interactions with the woman in question and wouldn't disclose the information we gave about wanting to lodge a complaint next year and why.

When it comes to us being Multiple, they said that they were willing to learn more because they knew very little about it, and also that they wanted to consult the supports we've had in the past and present in order to best assess what we actually need, as well as look at documents that were supposed to be delivered to them but haven't been obtained yet. 'rolls eyes' They also encouraged us to communicate with them if we have a problem with the way they are conducting themselves when it comes to our case. :)

Next time they will meet with Greg (our partner) and us, get some more of the assessment done, and get consent forms signed so that they can contact our support system ASAP. Meanwhile, one worker said that she thought we were doing very well based on what we had to say about our supports and our proactive efforts towards our health and the baby's.

So, finally, we've got competent people working on this issue. Thank the gods. Let's just hope they are what they advertise themselves to be.
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