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Constant Random Association


Hi. I'm Snow, and I'm not entirely sure how I found this comm. I'm the de-facto Person In Charge of this rather sizeable madhouse we call The Complex, entirely because nobody else wanted the job and I wasn't comfortable with an anarchy. So it's a little like a Roman Democracy. We call it The Complex because hope it irritates people who want to call it a result of trauma or something that requires treatment. The others have their own journal, but it seemed more appropriate to sign up with mine.

I'm not exactly new to everything, but I'm still getting settled in. We're still restructuring things until they're comfortable for everybody. I'm a touch neurotic, diagnosed with either a fairly severe Anxiety disorder or a very mild Panic disorder, depending on who you talk to. It makes my life a very interesting place.

I use a lot of driving metaphors to describe the way our system works. They fall apart after a while, sure, but it feels more comfortable than a lot of the words we've already found.

Despite enjoying having the others around, I'm still pretty neurotic about it all. It's hard to just do what feels right, due to a fear of being ostracized or institutionalized. It's made harder by the Anxiety/Panic disorder I mentioned before, and my neurotic mother who might just think I'm certifiable and refuses to think this might be real to me. I mentioned irritating people that think it needs treatment? She's one of them.

So, uh, I have no idea if that was too much or not enough information or what. I am terrible at introductions. Hi?
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