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Talking to a few "singlet" friends, I've discovered that I have a very hard time pointing to a website or book and saying "that is what is going on here". I don't have an appropriate label, and some people I actually care about either don't like listening to the details or tend to doubt unless you have something backing you up.

I used to say "I'm a SoulBonder", but even then, it wasn't quite comfortable. Before I "installed the rotating door" so to speak.

We're all just a whole bunch of entirely individual people that happen to live in this "otherspace" in the back of my head. We don't even always get along, though some of us are similar to the point of confusion. Some of us... Take "roles". Muse, "Good Shoulder", "Evil Shoulder", Voice of Reason Apathy... We get really offended when someone calls us "personalities". We have our own ages, histories, backgrounds, racial makeups, beliefs, and abilities. Some of us come from this other world that seems to have embedded itself into me, some of us don't. A couple of us even come from pop culture and fiction, I know I have at least one video game character in here. They just... Arrived, you know? A couple years ago. And they've been there and beneficial, so who cares where they're from?

I really hate to think in terms of labels, but having one would really help matters, as far as General Acceptance From People That Matter goes. From a rough definition, I can say "except this and that". But argh the idea of pigeonholing myself makes me angry.
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