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J System

Guess It's Time To Introduce Ourselves

Hello! We call ourselves the 'J System', it's our unoriginal idea of titling the system (Our body's name is Jennifer). We're a gateway system that interfaces to an unnamed planet (we call it Wonderland, but those who are not of the J System have not given it a name). Our system number is actually eleven at this point, but there are over 100 inside. In our system we have a range of ages from 5 to who-knows-how-old, both females, males, and one non-gendered member. We have been working on making our system healthy for a long time and we finally feel as if we've done it. We went from loosing time often to rarely ever loosing time (there's a few times we don't remember something and have to have someone remind us of, but those are little things usually).
As well, we're starting to come out to our friends and family because we have chosen that we want to be able to be ourselves. Only a few people know the whole group because it takes some time for everyone to come out.
Our body is a nineteen-year-old female. We're going to college, studying art and psychology (because we can admit it, we don't understand humans too well), and intend to get a job after winter is over. Our hobbies are mainly art, writing, and gaming. Every-once-in-awhile we sit down and debate with our more open-minded friends, share tales, and discuss psychology and science.

We have gone a long way to get to the level of functionality that we are, but I doubt that many multiples start out with a squeaky, well greased, and perfectly working system in the beginning. We have banished a few demons together, and for not just that reason alone we are thankful that we are multiple.
We don't feel that we are trauma-based, though there is trauma in our past. There's a big long explanation behind why we believe that, but it's far more complicated than I care to type right now (especially since we have a Banana bread in the oven).

Well.... Peace.

Naomi, Pandora, and Thomas
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