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Hey. New to Plurality!

I joined another group already, and now I'm joining this group.

I'm 19 years old, biofemale, but gender fluid, and am new to all sorts of plurality. I do suspect I'm plural, probably median. I feel like my identity "shifts" often. I have more than one side, including, a wolf a demon and a bat, and possibly some others. I feel one moment like a bat, another moment like a wolf, so on. Usually different genders follow these "shifts". I'm always "me", but just different "aspects" of me. Sometimes I'm not quite sure who "me" is, but I'm fairly sure I have these sides, and am not, for the most part, a "shapeshifter". Of course, I am Me, but there's a bat me and a wolf me, and a demon me.

None of these are ever out at the same time. I have great difficulty pulling all out. Usually when I'm one, the other feels somehow "separate".

Anyway, that's me/us in a nutshell!

Good to be here!
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