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Plural Living

Functional plurality in everyday life

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Please read and understand this information before joining. Do not post until you are familiar with the tone of the group, perhaps by reading the archives or by lurking for a reasonable period.

This community is based on healthy, functional plurality. Personal issues are dealt with in a pragmatic way. This community is not for complaining about insurmountable problems. Focus is on the experience of living plural, but questions concerning practical matters are welcome. For example: When, if and how to come out to friends, loved ones, workmates etc; dealing with medical professionals (how to avoid being pathologised), and operating system issues (practical ways to resolve in system conflicts yourselves).

We are not focused on origins or past traumas (if any), this community is about living in the present. Origins do not matter, all functional plurals are valued regardless of previous experiences.

Members should be comfortable with their plurality and have an adequate operating system, maintaining a reasonable level of functionality. Examples: Appropriate frontrunners depending on situation and/or adequate information or skill sharing protocols to allow anyone at front to act appropriately; those in system who interact with the outside world understand group responsibility and shared legal status; fair treatment of those in system, such as, giving a reasonable amount of body time to those who want it.

We welcome multiples, medians, soulbonders, otherkin hosts and all other forms of functional plurality.

This community is NOT for disordered systems. If you do not meet the requirements above, or feel that terms like DID or MPD apply to you, you might want to join a community such as multiplicity instead.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms, such as flashbacks and triggers, are OFF TOPIC for this community. We are simply discussing the experience of plurality, anything extra to that is more suited to communities such as fragmentedminds. If you require trigger warnings, this community is not appropriate for you, all readers are responsible for their own safety.

If you are receiving therapy specifically to change or remove your system, rather than to deal with coincidental problems, this group is also not for you. Many of us are in therapy coincidentally -- getting through therapy without the doctors pathologising your functional plurality is fully on topic here. We recognise that many systems require therapy in order to achieve a healthy, functional operating system, we wish you every luck in your goal, but this community is for those who have completed therapy, never required it or resolved operating system issues themselves.

No personal attacks, we're discussing the subject and not each other. If you disagree with something, politely give your reasons. If you can't do so politely, take it to private email, or keep it to yourself.

Posts should remain on topic. This community is moderated, if you post off topic you will be warned only once. Posts will be deleted. If you do not agree with the rules of this community, join another or create your own.

Thank you for respecting the purpose of this community and the experience of its members.