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Crisis averted...but should it have ever been one?

Hey all!

I know we're not commonly on here (no home computer yet, just library and not enough time to check up on things), but something just happened earlier this afternoon that has left us relieved, yet also fuming with pissed-offness.

Great word.

Thanks. Anyway...

So, we're pregnant. 19 weeks actually. And we needed to see a psychiatric social worker through our hospital in regards to the Generalized Anxiety diagnosis some of us happen to have (It's been aggravated due to issues with disability and changes to our funding).

So we had to go through all the technical diagnosis shit with her, and of course, our 'D.I.D.' (I wish you could put little nasty symbols instead of the punctuation marks) was explained. We used words like 'highly functional' and 'co-operative' to describe our community, emphasizing that our real issue was PTSD and it's resulting anxiety.

Luckily, she was cool. Like many we've encountered, she was quite surprised that we were "doing so well" (rolls eyes). Anyway, even though it made our skin crawl we had to use some diagnostic jargon to keep things translatable and it worked. However, she told us that she in good conscience could not put D.I.D. as a diagnosis on the Maternity file, because she believed that there was a possiblity that a nurse on-call would bring in Children's Aid upon looking at it because she didn't have a psyche background. She said she was even ready to back up her decision if questioned, because she believed we were quite capable based on our medical history. 'whoa' Of course, she was just concerned about my health during pregnancy in means of anxiety, so we're going to take some stress management. And if we want, we can do some parenting classes too (which relates to PTSD).

We're really glad things went ok (things in the psyche community here in Ontario seem to be broadening when it comes to plurality, we find), but the fact that if we hadn't needed this appointment we would have been screwed later because of the label of D.I.D.? Fucking ridiculous.

Just glad it's not going to come to that.

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