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Experiences with birthing

Hi everyone. :)

We were wondering, because we've just entered our third trimester, if we could get some input from other Plurals who've had children in this world on what the experience of labor was like for them? We've done some prepwork on how to approach the whole thing, but as we already know this will not be our 'crowning debut'. We will be stressed and in a lot of pain. So, we don't know what the effects on our clan will look like. I'm sure we'll be ok, but we'd love to get some feedback, suggestions, stories, whatever you can offer us.

We are quite nervous, obviously.

As for what else has been up lately (a very, very ignorant and two-faced psychiatric social worker that's been conducting herself in a very poor manner when it comes to not just our plurality, but our PTSD), we have other members of our support system who are making sure our rights are being respected. We are also being very proactive. We've been referred to a program with much more knowledgeable professionals in it, so we should have an easier time transitioning over to motherhood. So, we are a lot less stressed. However, I must say it has been quite horrible dealing with this woman, who will be present at some point during our labor just to make sure no one on her staff misunderstands what happens to be on our medical chart (doesn't make up for the agony she's brought about, but at least she's supporting us in that way if nothing else). So we can't help but feel like we need a shoulder to cry briefly on, and then move on with our lives since things seem to be looking up.

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